Thursday, December 28, 2006

Anyone got a clutch?

The conversion process highly recommends installing a new clutch assembly, so I ordered a clutch kit from Driving Source NW in Salem, OR (part # POR055822) on December 27th.

Dennis from Driving Source NW was going to be in Portland the next day and was wonderful enough to deliver the clutch (and four CV joint gaskets in upper left of photo) to my house. I enjoyed talking about the conversion project with him and hearing about his own experiences with Porsches.

Another part of the conversion involves upgrading the suspension (torsion bar and springs/shocks) on the 914 to handle the extra 800 pounds that come from the batteries.
I talked with Alan over at A & P Specialities in Portland and he gave me a quote for labor to replace the suspension parts.

Overall, everyone I've talked with has been fun to work with and excited to hear more about the progress of this project. Several friends of mine have offered to help with the conversion and give (ahem) objective test drives of the vehicle afterwards to make sure it's operating properly.


Jay Donnaway said...

Upgrading your torsion bar suspension with heavier bars isn't very difficult. I did it with my Karmann Ghia (944 bars), and would be happy to throw some assistance your way.
Jay Donnaway

TimK said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the offer. I'll be in touch with you when the parts arrive. Be well and happy in 2007.