Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Charger Arrives

Whew, the charger arrived last night. I'm glad it didn't get lost in shipping. I have to be careful sometimes because the UPS guy leaves stuff behind a post on my front porch and sometimes I don't look there when I get home. Although I haven't fired it up, the charger seems to be in one piece. The specs say that it draws 115V at 20 amps. I'll ask Zivan if I can tune down the required power so I can plug it into the 15A/115V outlet at work. Perhaps I can even have a switch to select high or low-current charging. I just don't want to flip any breakers.

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Unknown said...

Hi Tim,

I'm planning a 914 EV conversion myself and saw your car yesterday in Craig's shop. It looks great. I'm interested in getting experience for my 914 conversion project. Please email me at davidnemonroe@gmail.com. Thanks,