Thursday, January 17, 2008

Up and Running Again!

My friend Rick and his girlfriend Holly were gracious enough to come over and help me finish putting the transmission back into the car. We worked from 7pm-10:30pm and finished the job.

Here's Rick and I under the car re-attaching the CV joints and getting covered with grease.

Here's Rick and Holly in the working vehicle. We drove the vehicle around the block and the transmission was very smooth. I'm very grateful to Greg Robbins for shipping a transmission in such good shape. No vibration up to 5400 RPM. Big thanks to my friends for all their support during these frustrating times with the transmission.

Tomorrow is my day off and I plan on testing different RPM values above 5400, logging some data with the Pak Trakr and seeing how the car handles.

I'm rather tired to show my relief and enthusiasm in getting the car back up and running. I still need to upgrade the brake cylinder to 19mm and get a front end alignment to help with the tough steering.

Things are looking up. If it works well over the weekend, I'll commute to work on Monday. Hopefully the cold weather won't kill the car. Cheers and Good Night.


pjorg said...


Glad to see you are back running. When you do your testing could you check the WH/Mile. A current and voltage reading at 20, 40 and 60 MPH would be great. Two DVM's,one across the pack and one across your shunt would work great.

I have ordered my parts and slowly working on my conversion. Waiting for the firefly batteries this summer.

Good Luck


Roger Daisley said...

Congratulations ... It's been a long wait. I'm looking forward to hearing all about that "EV Grin."

Ross Cunniff said...

Tim, congrats! Very exciting. The cold won't kill your car - I've been driving mine below freezing for weeks - but it will certainly greatly reduce your range.