Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting the Heater Relay and Sending Back the Hub

Rats. After putting the adapter hub from Electro Auto onto the motor shaft no less than twenty times, I'm pooped. I tried filing down several different faces of the hub to get the runout and wobble down and failed. It's going back to EA tomorrow morning for a new one. I'm thinking that attaching the flywheel shouldn't be this hard.

The flywheel and clutch assembly has been balanced by two different shops and the second shop said the first shop did a fine job, so I'm pretty sure it's not the flywheel.

The bearing on the AC24 motor just behind the adapter hub was squealing ever so slightly when I spun the motor up, so I fear the vibrations might have damaged the motor. Perhaps against my better judgment, I sprayed WD-40 into the bearing and the squealing stopped. I'll contact Azure Dynamics to see if there's a particular lubricant I should use. I thought these things were supposed to be sealed...

On a slightly lighter note, the high-current DC relay for the hair-dryer defroster system came today.

Here's the 125VDC relay. Notice the magnet in the center of the relay. The field from the magnet is used to blow out the arcing from the DC current when the contacts open up. With an AC circuit, the zero-crossings of the voltage allow the arcing to stop; not so with DC current.

Off to package up the adapter hub... (sigh).

Addendum: For those of you who wish to order one of these relays, you can get them from Newark:
Type prd-11dh0-12 in the search box and the relay should display (one leaded and the other lead-free).


Roger Daisley said...

Tim: Can you send me a link on the relay? I'll need one for my heater.

TimK said...

Hi Roger, I just added the ordering information to the end of this post. Cheers, Tim