Saturday, March 29, 2008

Going to the Portland Better Living Show

Yesterday was a long day. I spent over seven hours on my feet at the Portland Better Living Show displaying the 914. My throat was hoarse at the end of the day from answering the same questions many times. Overall, people were very interested and I'm hoping a few will show up at the next OEVA meeting.

Many thanks to Gary Graunke (who set this whole thing up), Ken (forgot his last name) and Joe Williams (on the left) for hanging out with me during the nine hour show. Joe and Ken will take care of the booth today and I'll finish up the last six hours tomorrow.

On a side note, I purchased a DVD from Bob Bath regarding his CivicWithACord project. He's documented much of the work needed to get a fifth generation ('92-'95) Civic converted to electric. This is one of the prime candidates for the open-source vehicle conversion kit I'd like to work on, so there's lots of information to leverage.


onei57 said...

Do you have a link for the dvd? Are those new wheels? I've been looking for new wheels and have seen that style but are listed for VW's and no one said they will fit Porsche. Nice to see you involved with the ev club, I think I would have been better off going to meetings before I started mine. Any news on the fuel gauge? Matt

TimK said...

Hi Matt,

The link for ordering the DVD is at:

The wheels are the ones the came with the car, but I just washed them so they actually shine :). I think the fuel gauge is going to be awhile.

How is your EV doing?


Unknown said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the Portland show and insipration on the 914. I purchased a 74 today and will be doing my own conversation now.