Friday, December 21, 2007

Snatching the Transmission Back

Well, I'm back to square one again on the tranny. Rennsport Systems kept my transmission for over two months and didn't work on it. I asked the good folks over at about the situation and most people suggested that I was waiting far too long and paying far too much for what I was doing. Two folks highly recommended I go out to the Rennsport shop without calling ahead of time and just take the transmission back, just to be sure they didn't start working on it as I drove over.

So that's what I did. Jeff at the shop was gracious enough to give me back the transmission (and the extra-parts tranny) without any questions. They seemed completely stressed out due to the extreme backlog of work, anyway.

I'm in the process of trying to buy a rebuilt tranny from one of the 914world folks, so I hope that pans out. My other option is to have "Dr. Evil" from 914world rebuild a transmission for me for $1500.

My gut feel, not based on any fact, is that a different transmission won't have the same resonant problem as this one does; however, it may come with its own problems. Stay tuned as the saga continues...