Sunday, December 20, 2009

Update to Azure Dynamics DMOC Information

I've been receiving several requests this past year for the FTP site that contains the information on the Azure Dynamic DMOC445 controller.

I just received word from Azure Dynamics that they posted all this relevant information online here:

Have a great Holiday Season!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saying Goodbye to my 2007 Dream Project

I contacted someone who expressed interest in purchasing the 914 a few months ago and that contact came through for me.

Here's my parting shot with Dan, the new 914 EV owner. Dan has worked with a Bradley GT EV before, so he knows the ropes. I'm sad to see the car go, but I've got the Civic-EV and it does very well. I'm still active on the 914ev Google Group answering questions, so I'm not completely disconnected.

Farewell 914EV... I learned more than I ever expected.

Best wishes to all doing EV conversions.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time to sell the 914

It's time to sell the electric 914. It's been a fun road, but I have three cars now (as a single guy) and only a 1-car garage in the middle of the city. The car has been good to me and made the electric Civic project go so much faster. I've learned much and shared many experiences with other people converting 914s. The car has been a major hit at EV shows and with friends.

Having just finished the Civic-EV, I realize that I need a car that seats more than just two and holds more than just a small bag in the trunk.

You can see more information on the car at the EVAlbum entry:

Please contact me at the e-mail listed at the link above in case you're interested.

Many best wishes to everyone,

Bypassing theCharger

Since my battery voltage never gets above the cutoff point for the Zivan charger bulk phase, I made a special charging cord with a timer built into it. If I leave the Zivan in low-current mode, I only pull 12 amps, which is less than the 15 amp rating of the timer.

Since I know how many amp-hours I pull from the batteries during my commute, I can generally pick a good timer setting to get the batteries close to full without "boiling" them too much. I think this will work out fine until I replace the batteries or sell the car.

Not ironically, I've been having problems with the charger on the Civic-EV not getting out of bulk-charge mode too, so I built a second timer-cord for that car too.