Saturday, February 3, 2007

Fixing all the Nitpicky Stuff

I stayed up last night until midnight repairing a whole bunch of little things that didn't work on the car. I'm actually quite psyched that I was able to do it all in about six hours.

Things that I fixed were:

- Add stainles steel seat adjuster handles
- Re-adjust the steering wheel so it was centered
- Fix the hi-beam headlight switch
- Fix the auto turn-signal cancellation worked again
- Fix the connection to the horn (the custom WoooGaa horn is great!)
- Re-attach the stripped handle for the seat lifter
- Fix the corroded connection to the cabin light
- Libricate the left door lock mechanism internally (was sticky)
- Fix the "stop" bolt for the left window so it would close all the way

The things I still need to do:

- Fix the headlight switch - Apparently a replacement is extremely rare. A new one online is over $400! By luck, there was a spare switch in the glove box, but I don't know how well it works. I'll probably end up taking the switch apart and cleaning off the contacts.

- Re-attach the inside rear-view mirror. On the drive home, I was adjusting the rear-view mirror and it pulled off the windshield. This was actually a blessing in disguise because it was mounted so high on the glass that I could only see about forty feet behind the car with the targa-top installed. By re-attaching it lower on the glass, I'll be able to look directly backwards and see the road and traffic behind me.

- Fix the windshield washer - This one is going to be tricky since the washer is powered by the air pressure in the spare tire. I've never seen this before and all the old pressure hose fittings are leaky. This problem is not as critical as the rear-view mirror or headlights so I might just let it go for awhile.

- Fix the clock in the center console

- Add bulbs to light the center console

- Fix the voltmeter in the center console, it always reads below 12V when idling. This might be an issue with the charging system, or the battery or the alternator. This problem will go away with the electric conversion, so I may just let it slide for now.

This is a really fun car to work on. It's much like the VW Dasher I worked on while in high-school, so I have a little experience.

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