Saturday, February 3, 2007

Fixing the Headlamp Switch

After much fussing around to get the dashboard apart, I finally got the headlamp switch removed. It looks like the headlamp contact is completely burned off. That would explain why the headlights only worked intermittently. Luckily, the prior owner left another headlamp switch in the glove box. The switches are different, but I could cannibalize an electrical contact plate from the older "skinny" switch and replace the burnt one in my newer "fat" switch. I'll get some dielectric grease and a tie-wrap to close everything up tomorrow and try it out.

Since I took all the time to take this somewhat detailed picture, I submitted my findings to Pelican Parts so that they could post this as a technical addendum to their current article which only covers the older "skinny" headlamp switch.

The clock in the center console doesn't seem to work either. According to the technical articles at Pelican Parts, this is a common problem in the 914s and I'll have to perform some major surgery to get it working or blow $200 (ouch!) on a replacement. I think I'll try the surgery first and see what happens. Heck, I've always got the clock on the installed CD player, but it's just not the same...

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