Friday, May 11, 2007

Chatting with other EV folks

Last night was the monthly OEVA meeting. There were many electric vehicles there to ponder and I got a chance to chat with a bunch of people. I'm kicking myself a bit for not bringing my digital camera, but that's life.

Victor Tikhonov of Metric Mind and I talked about his new EVision system and how I might get involved with the embedded programming for his latest BMS (battery management system). I'll be visiting his company later today to talk more. John Benson (aka JRAB) brought his functioning 914 DC EV conversion (originally from Electro Automotive) too. Brad Hippert, the president of Porteon (, and I chatted about production of NEVs (neighborhood electric vehicles) in Portland soon. He seemed interested in the Kalman filtering algorithm I recently researched with regards to SOC (state-of-charge) and SOH (state-of-health) in battery packs.

I had only intended to go for 30-40 minutes to see all the electric vehicles, but ended up being one of the last people there at 10:30pm talking with all these great EV pioneers. With significant lack of sleep from this past week, I think I'll go take a nap now...

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