Monday, May 28, 2007


As you may have noticed, the blog entries have dropped off rather abruptly in recent weeks. I've sent three e-mails and one phone call to Electro Automotive asking about the status of the battery racks/boxes and received no reply. As you might imagine, I'm a bit frustrated with this and don't really know what to do next.

I should be getting the 18 8-volt golf-cart batteries from American Battery Company early next week. This will allow me to at least connect the batteries to the AC controller and see if I can get the rear axle to spin. Napa Auto Parts is willing to sell me battery grounding straps of any length with eyelets on each end so I can hook everything together. With some 2/0 battery cable and some lugs, I can attach the batteries to the controller. For those of you are thinking "That sounds kinda dangerous," you're probably right. I like to remind myself of Murphy's Law that says "Experience varies proportionately with equipment ruined."

I'm going to ask the EV community if anything funny is going on with Electro Auto these days. I'll keep y'all posted.

(Grrr, it's sunny out and I want my 914 targa top EV! :)


pjorg said...


I have also tried contacting them recently to see what the deliverly time for the conversion is and have not received a reply. Sounds like you need to drive down there to see what is going on and let us know.

On another note it looks like the firefly carbon foam battery will be coming out of R&D. I spoke to Crown Battery last week and they thought that in about a year they would have product suitable for EV's.

Unknown said...

Tim, I am in the same boat that you are. I have everything in place and have been waiting for months for one or two parts. Electro Automotive rarely returns emails or calls. When I do get them on the phone, they are helpful. But I gotta to admit that I have grown pretty frustrated too.

Compostman said...

Yikes! I ordered my AC kit in early April, and got the first two boxes of parts a couple of days ago. I too have found them unresponsive, but then delightful once you get them on the phone. By the way when pjorg suggests "drive down there to see what is going on" he may not be aware that they are way out in the woods and not easy to find!

Unknown said...

I don't want to scare you, but I placed my order in late July, 2006 and still don't have all the parts yet!

Ross Cunniff said...

I ordered my AC kit in October 2005. Still waiting for some miscellaneous bits-n-pieces (mostly, the battery box fans), but I have the majority of it.

I recommend scheduling a visit to their home in the Bay Area to help get your parts. They are at the end of a rather scenic drive thru the woods of the Santa Cruz mountains.

onei57 said...

I wonder if they are having vender problems. I placed my order for the AC kit a couple weeks ago and gave 50% of the money and the rest will be when the battery boxes, motor and controller are avaliable for delivery. If the battery boxes are late I was going to see if I could get the plans for the boxes and make mine myself and pay them some kind of a fee for the use of the intelectual property but get the price of the boxes deducted from the balance.Matt

pjorg said...

Has any one ever seen or heard of an actual 914 AC conversion being finished and running. I am beginning to wonder if this is a fantasy or the real thing? I have found a donor car but can't seem to get any response from EA.

Roger Daisley said...

I know the feeling! I put a reply to your question about EA on the discussion group today. (If they don't publish it, ask me and I'll send you a copy.)

I had to get really, really, tough with them ... attorney's and using the EV group to vent my displeasure ... to get Shari (of EA) to reply. Even then, what info I initially got proved to be virtual BS.

In my opinion: Good products, just extremely poor business practices.

Check my conversion out:

I'm just getting into it now, so updates should be flowing almost daily.

If I can be of any help - Just ask.
/Roger in Pullman, WA

Ps: If you want, I'll put a link to your blog in my blog. Please do the same.

TimK said...

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone for your very supportive comments. I guess most people are in agreement about EA. Roger, I'll post a link to your EV right now. Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Looking at the responses it is obvious we are all in the same spot. I sent my check to EA almost 2 years ago. I still don't have all of my parts, but I do have almost all of them. While typing this response I called and talked to Michael who said that UPS was picking up the last box as we spoke. Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday we will have everything. We have the engine out and have test fitted the motor. If all of the equipment does arrive then hopefully we are about 2 weeks away from a completed conversion. Will post updates.

Steve said...

I might as well add my two cents. I put in my order for a DC 914 conversion from them and haven't heard anything since they cashed the check last month. I have called a few times and e-mailed and received no replies. I'm about 4 hours away, but I'm tempted to head up there and see what's going on. I decided I won't put in my order for the batteries until some of the stuff comes in.