Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dedicated Charging Outlet and Hairdryer Coupling

After sleeping for 14 hours last night, I think I'm somewhat recovered from that nasty cold. I dropped by Parkrose hardware after work and picked up some stuff to install in the EV.

Since I have a gas range, I replaced the 240V breaker for the non-existant electric range with a 20-amp 120V breaker dedicated to charging the 914 EV.

I purchased two small travel hair dryers over the weekend and found some plumbing couplings that seem to fit quite well on both the hair-dryer and the heating system input. I forgot to bring the relay to the hardware store, so I'll probably get the electrical connectors tomorrow and install the system over the weekend.

I also ordered some of the custom sockets that go inside the 8-pin DMOC connector so that the serial port will be much more of a permanent installation instead of just sort of dangling out of the controller.

Big thanks to Ross Cunniff for pointing out that hood pins are available at the local auto-parts store. I searched high and low for these at the regular hardware store but didn't think to look in the "bling" (ahem, I mean performance) section of the auto store.

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Ross Cunniff said...

Regarding hood pins - you may need to try a few auto parts stores before you find what you like. I think I looked at all the big chains (Checker, AutoZone, NAPA, etc.) before I settled on a set of hood pins I liked.