Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Assembling the Motor Adapter

My friend Ruth came over this evening and helped get the final nylock nuts put on the potbox. The remainder of the evening involved attaching the motor mount and adapter pieces to the Azure Dynamics AC motor.

This is my fathers torque wrench from WWII. He hasn't used it in fifty years, but it works just fine!

The directions say to tighten the hex-head bolts in the cone adapter. I came up with this trick that uses two flywheel bolts and an extra box wrench to allow extra tightening of the adapter bolts.

To get the cone hub to the right depth, the directions mention attaching the flywheel, measuring the proper distance with a caliper and then taking off the flywheel WITHOUT moving the cone hub. I found this near impossible, so I simply measured the delta between how much the cone hub moved between bottoming out and the proper location. After taking the flywheel off, I bottomed out the cone hub and then moved it out the delta distance. Much easier...

And the last step for the day was torquing the flywheel bolts to 80 ft/lbs (ugh). Note the flywheel lock on the upper left that I borrowed from another Porshe enthusiast (Thanks, Pat!).

I ran out to Fred Meyer to get some Moly Lube for the needle bearing in the middle of the flywheel. Tomorrow, I'll assemble the clutch and think about attaching the whole thing to the transmission.

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