Thursday, April 5, 2007

Just Cleaning Up

I spent the past two evenings getting the rest of life together. Tonight I just did some simple cleanup. I swept the garage and put away all the tools, wood pieces and garbage so that there would be space to work in.

The garage, somewhat clean again. The transmission off to the right has a fresh load of oil in it and I look forward to seeing if I have any major leaks over the next few days.

Here is the photocopied template for the potbox on the firewall inside the engine compartment just behind the drivers seat. I'll need to drill holes at point A and B.

Here's the "potbox" which tells the motor controller just how far I've pressed down the accelerator pedal. This is the equivalent of the throttle on a gasoline engine. I'll be gone for the next two days, but hopefully I can run out to get some rivnuts tomorrow and install this on Sunday.

Speaking of rivnuts, ElectroAuto has not been returning my phone calls or e-mail again, so I'm going to run out to Park Rose Hardware tomorrow and see if they have what I'm looking for. All the mechanical engineers at HP rave about ParkRose HW, and they seemed very knowledgeable on the phone, so we'll see.

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