Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Confusing Parts

Yay, I got another shipment of parts today from Electro Auto! These will help me move forward a bit more once the motor is installed into the chassis.

I'm a bit confused because the directions call for a five-terminal block and a six-terminal block with a shorting bar. What I got was a five-terminal block with a shorting bar (lower-right pice in the picture) and a four-space connector (upper right part). The negative terminal and shunt are missing, but I don't really need those until I install the heavy battery cables.

I'm going to give it a few days while I install the motor/transmission and see if anything shows up before I contact Shari at ElectroAuto.

I'm pretty tired today from other things, so I think I take a break.

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914Mike said...


I got back a reply from Azure about the tach, apparantly the RS-232 cable is required, I'm going to ask Shari how much it is ASAP.
Here's the reply:

Yes, the controller has an output that you can use to drive a tach.

Please see the following documentation on Azure's ftp site:

You use the ccShell program and your laptop computer to communicate with your DMOC (you need a cable that you can purchase from Electro Automotive or Azure) and change the DMOC parameters. The attached 1631.ccs file is needed when you connect with the DMOC. The parameter is called EE1SpeedoDiv and you can adjust it for your tach -- test/calibrate it at a stop by setting a negative value.

I can send you the .ccs file if you need it.