Sunday, April 1, 2007

Those darned gaskets!

This is another humbling moment in the project. Above is a picture of the main transmission seal that prevents transmission oil from spewing out into the flywheel area. It is completely rotten and glued to the metal around it. This would most likely explain the transmission oil leaks and the oil and dirt that covered the top of the transmission.

I ran out to Napa Auto Parts and purchased some spray gasket remover (nasty stuff) and have been slowly melting away tiny layers of the rotten seal. It sits about a centimeter deep in a 1/16" inch wide groove so this will be a long, arduous process.

On a more interesting note, I talked about this seal problem with my dad and he fished through all his old tools to find his father's mini file set. It turns out that one of these files is actually small enough to fit in the groove to scrape out the rotten seal. Let's hope this works. My mindfulness training is slowly paying off...

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