Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cables and CV Joints Attached

The task for this evening was re-attaching all the cables and drive shafts back to the transmission that I re-installed last Friday.

Here's a dangling CV joing (minus the protective bag) ready for bolting back into the transmission. I packed the joint with grease for lubrication and painted a CV joint gasket with grease to seal the joint.

Here we are, torquing down the CV joint bolts with the special 12-point tool I borrowed from Craig at Camp914 and my father's torque wrench.

After installing the CV joints, I installed the shift linkage and cover. I'm hoping things will be much tighter since I replaced many of the ball sockets. Thanks to my neighbor for helping hold the shift lever while I twisted the shift linkage on.

Here's the final undercarriage which is much more sparse without the gasoline engine. The speedo cable and clutch cable are attached and ready to go.

Next up: tie-wrapping things together, fixing the bolts on the electric motor mount and starting the wiring. This will hopefully be much less messy than wrangling the transmission.

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