Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fixing the Transmission

Well, these pictures are a little late, but here they are. I spent most of last week replacing the broken parts in the transmission.

Here are the two replacement bearings from Pelican Parts ($400!) that I pushed into the transmission intermediate plate after heating it up with the orange heat gun to the left.
They went in surprisingly easy.

Here are the new synchro rings to fix the grinding 1st/2nd gears. They are $65 apiece and have a special molybdenum coating for proper friction during shifting.

I removed the snap rings from 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear to replace the synchro rings.

Here we are torquing down the 12-point nuts that hold the bearing shield in place. This is the same 12-point tool that I used to remove the CV joints under the car.

Here is a badly worn 1st gear synchro ring. if you click on the picture and look at the cross-section on the left, you'll see the bottom edge very worn down. No wonder 1st and 2nd gear were grinding!

Here are the two transmission shafts inserted into the intermediate plate. There were too many parts to hold, so I had to wait for my friend Rick to come over (while on a date, no less) and hold this assembly together while I hammered on the inner race pieces for the shaft bearings.

Here is the gear assembly with all shafts, shifting rods and gears in place.

I'm almost ready to put these two pieces back together; however, there are still old gaskets on the transmission edges and I have to scrape those off first.

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