Friday, August 24, 2007

EV Toolbox

Before the accessory battery discharge yesterday, I wrote down a list of things to keep in the EV in case there was a breakdown out on the road. I came up with the following items. Any comments for additions or modifications would be welcome.

Emergency Equipment
  • cable cutters
  • small fire extinguisher (for electrical fires)
Repair Tools
  • Haynes manual for electrical diagrams
  • digital multimeter
  • wire crimper and extra pink,blue,yellow quick-connect crimps
  • two battery wrenches wrapped in electrical tape
  • electrical tape
  • extra cable lugs and hammer-based crimp tool
  • medium hammer
  • LED headlamp
  • extra fuses (DC-DC converter anyone?)
  • pre-made 24" battery cable with lugs (from NAPA)
  • #2 philips/standard screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • small utility knife to cut insulation
  • small 12V SLA battery to bootstrap the system if 12V battery dies
Again, what would you add/subtract/modify in this kit?

Next up: fixing the stranded car, looking at the PakTrakr and getting the heater fan to work.

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