Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Swallowing my Ego

Over the past few days, I've gone through the four stages of acceptance regarding the rather noisy vibration that the car undergoes when I rev the motor above 3500 RPM.

Denial: "My new electric car is wonderful and it doesn't really rattle above 3500 RPM."

Anger: "Why the hell does my car vibrate and rattle about 3500 RPM???!! It's not supposed to do that! Can't the Porsche folks make a good flywheel? Can't ElectroAuto make a good adapter coupling?"

Negotiation: "This would be sooooo cool to show everyone at EV awareness day and to show my friends. Maybe I can just drive around and keep the RPMs under 3000 for a week or two until I figure out the best path forward.

Acceptance: "Okay, I remember when I installed the flywheel that it didn't go on completely straight (only a few hundredths of an inch off...) and this could really screw up the electric motor bearings and the transmission. I better bite the bullet now and deal with this so I can get on the road more quickly."

I'd like to thank Mark the mechanical guy I met through an OEVA member and my co-worker Steve (retired mechanical engineer and AutoCross enthusiast) for beating some sense into me about this. I'm an electrical guy, after all. (Can't we just reboot it?)

Next up: A character building experience involving removal of the transmission and repositioning the flywheel, if it's possible.


Joe said...

Well at least you skipped over the whole depression stage, and went right on to acceptance.

Considering you're possibly going to 9K RPM's, I would definitely see about having the clutch balanced as well.

Any chance you might want to take a few more pictures of pulling the motor and transmission?


TimK said...

Sorry I got your comment just a wee bit too late. In my eagerness to get this thing running, I spent the past two hours lowering the motor/tranny. I'll try to describe the process in detail. Tim