Tuesday, March 27, 2007

AC Motor Controller Installed

Tim, happy to get the controller installed

A closer view of the Azure Dynamics AC motor controller.

After purchasing hardware from Home Depot to install the controller plate, I came home and drilled all the required holes for the mounting bolts. After squirting all the aluminum and metal caulk around the plate, I realized that I couldn't tighten any of the bolts myself because one end was on top of the car and the nuts were under the car. Big thanks to my friend John for coming over on short notice to help me tighten the bolts before the caulking dried. I'll try to be better prepared next time.

Also, notice the larger, two-inch, holes cut in the trunk floor and wall to the left of the controller. The control and motor cables will route through these holes.

Next up: getting transmission parts delivered and putting the transmission back together.

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