Monday, March 26, 2007

The First Sawzall Cut for the Controller Plate

My first use of a Sawz-All. The hole for the motor controller plate.

All the transmission pieces (waiting for new parts) covered up to prevent metal shavings from getting into them.

The motor controller plate provided by ElectroAuto before being bolted and caulked in.

Today I got to try out my new set of cobalt metal-cutting drills and the SawzAll I borrowed from my dad. Both worked quite well and cut through the steel floor of the rear trunk like butter. I botched the hole rather badly, going outside the lines by an eighth inch in some places, but things should still work. My drill ran out of battery charge so I'll drill the bolt holes tomorrow after getting hardware and caulking from Home Depot.

The directions say to not cut the transmission ground bolt, but move it if you have to. I did cut the bolt off and will have to install a new one. I suppose I could have hammered the front edge of the controller plate hole flat, but installing a new transmission bolt will be much easier.

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