Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dropping the Engine

The engine just about a foot below mounting height.

Engine pulled back about a foot.

Hole left over in the engine compartment with dropped engine.
Notice the belt that drives the air pump for the emission control system.

Well, I worked for the last three hours to drop the engine out of the car. I followed all the directions in the Pelican Parts technical article and didn't miss any attached parts. After several expletives and tense moments under the car, the engine finally plopped down onto the furniture dolly.

The article mentioned that there was very little clearance for the fuel injectors. That was actually an understatement. There was negative clearance and I had to bend the flexible fuel hoses to the injectors just to clear the sheet metal. Removing the rubber stripping was definitely a huge help.

I'm surprised by how big the engine is relative to the transmission. With the engine and exhaust system gone, there will be loads of room for batteries. I'll be psyched to sell the engine on Craiglist and get that gas-burner out of my garage...

I took loads of pictures and will post most of them tomorrow, but I'm just too tired right now to process and document all the images. So here's a few above.

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