Friday, March 9, 2007

End of Day 2

Most of today was spent just taking the car apart. My friend Pete came over for lunch and we removed the front and rear trunk lids. We also drained the fuel tank by operating the fuel pump with a 12V gelpack battery and took out the fuel tank. I even went so far as to yank out all the fuel lines that go down the center tunnel of the car. There's no going back to gasoline now!

I continued to spend most of the evening disconnecting cables, hoses and wires to allow the engine to be removed from the car. I didn't have the proper tool to disconnect the shifting linkage, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Craigs 12-point tool for removing the CV joints worked like a charm.

Big thanks to Pelican Parts for their technical article on how to easily drop an engine:

Pete helping me remove the fuel system and front/rear trunk lids.

Fuel compartment without fuel tank.

The empty fuel tank with separated expansion tank (to remove the fuel guage plug).
Note the two hydraulic jacks near the wall. Having two jacks makes dropping the engine much easier.

Rear trunk lid removed.

Method of connecting 12-volt gel-cell to fuel pump to dump fuel into gas can.

The front and rear trunk lids, removed.

The car jacked up and held with a hydraulic jack and two jack-stands per side.

An unseparated CV joint with two 12-point bolts showing.

The CV joint separated and protected with a plastic bag.

I'm covered with grease and looking forward to a good night's sleep.

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