Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flywheel and Engine Mount Removal

I put the engine for sale on CraigsList and have to prepare it for delivery this weekend. There is very little space in my one-car garage so getting rid of the engine while keeping all the necessary components will be good.

In order to get a last measurement of the flywheel to housing distance, I got a digital caliper from Harbor Freight Tools for only $29. It's remarkably accurate down to .001 inches and is very easy to use.

I chatted with a local Porsche enthusiast named Pat and he let me borrow the tool on top which is a flywheel lock to hold the flywheel still while I undo the heavily torqued bolts. Thanks, Pat!

I've already removed the clutch assembly and here's the face of the flywheel. Note the long breaker bar and flywheel lock needed to remove the the flywheel. With these tools, the job was a total snap and only took me a few minutes.

Here's the end of the engine case with the flywheel removed. I was surprised by how gritty the flywheel bolts were after they came out.

Next up was removing the front engine mount. The engine was balanced on one end of the furniture dolly, so I used the floor jack to raise the front end. I was able to raise the engine far enough to drop off the unbolted engine mount and support the engine with a 2x4 instead.

Here's the removed engine mount ready to be used in the EV conversion. Jamie from Corvallis (who knows Otmar and his 914 EV - see link at right) may drop by this weekend to pick up the engine and help me free up some much needed garage space.

Ugh, it's late and I'm going to bed.

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