Friday, March 16, 2007

More parts but no instructions or hardware...

This week has been a whirlwind and I haven't caught up on sharing all the pictures. Last Tuesday, I received another shipment from ElectroAuto. This one included the motor controller mounting plate (large black rectangle), its rubber mounting posts and the potbox and its mounting plates. Since this kit is the 914 AC kit, I have no idea how to install the controller plate. In addition, ElectroAuto hasn't sent any hardware (specifically the rivnuts) so I can install many of these pieces.

I've contacted Randy Pollock, the first person to order a 914 AC kit and he and I are working to figure this out. Randy has been gracious enough to help ElectroAuto with installation instructions, photos and other descriptions.

On another front, I'm rapidly running out of space in my house and single-car garage for storing pieces that I've removed from the car. I ran out to Camp914 today to drop off the old suspension and fuel tank with Craig so he can sell the parts and possibly donate to the electric car project.

I'll post more pictures of the engine drop soon, but I'm possibly climbing Mt. St. Helens tomorrow and have to finish packing. More soon! Cheers.

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