Thursday, July 26, 2007

Close, but no Cigar...

I didnt' get a chance to do much tonight, but I did hook up the final fusible links in the battery system. Before hooking up the links, I jacked up the rear of the car and put in on jackstands just in case something started happening with the motor. I also put the transmission in neutral.

Here's the front fusible link in place. No sparks yet!

Here's the rear fusible link. Initially this failed the "spark" test. I touched the link to the two battery terminals and got a medium sized spark. I vaguely remembered getting a similar spark when plugging in the Zivan charger to the bank of batteries on the floor. Sooooo, I unplugged the Zivan charger from the system and tried touching the fusible link again. Voila! No spark!

Here is the voltage measured at the AC controller. Looks like we have about 8.4 volts per battery. Good.

Of course the next step was to get out the fire extinguisher and turn the key on. Guess what? Nothing happened. It looks like the controller is getting 12 volts, but there must be something holding back the controller from spinning the motor. Darn safety interlocks!

It's late so tomorrow I'll be running off to buy parts to build a serial port connector to the AC controller. My laptop is over three years old, so I ordered a new battery last week and it showed up today.

Hopefully, firing up the AC controller serial console will help me find out what's holding the controller back from turning the motor. I thought I heard something like a faint whine happen in the motor area for about a third of a second when I first turned on the key, but that could just be in my head.

Oh, one other thing that I think I figured out. A long time ago, when I hooked up the potbox, I thought that ElectroAuto provided the wrong instructions for hooking up the potbox microswitch. It turns out their instructions seem to be okay. The safety interlock inside the AC controller prevents the user from moving until the throttle is fully open and the "forward" signal is disabled. The neutral start interlock relay will only stay open if the user turns on the key with the relay open. After pressing the accelerator, this relay closes and puts the AC controller in "forward" mode.

Let's see what come up on the serial console tomorrow...

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