Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Wiring and ACK, It Doesn't Fit!

Yesterday I ran out to Parkrose Hardware again to pick up the remaining wire I needed (hopefully) and all the bolts/nuts/washers for mounting the stuff in the front trunk.

Continuing with the wiring, here is the bundle of EV wires in the front luggage compartment, covered with the flexguard.

Again, the front luggage compartment with the vertical all-thread in the battery rack for the battery-box tie-down bars. I've added the black grounding strap to the front bumper mounting bracket. You can see the tiny yellow crimp collar on the closed crimp connector.

Now that I have more 10 gauge wire, I finished up the wiring on the battery box itself. Here's a front view with the DC-DC converter.

WARNING: The instructions provide direction for a different DC-DC converter with the "input" and "output" terminals swapped left-to-right from the DC-DC converter that comes with the AC kit.

Here is the local wiring completed on the relay mounting board.

The moment of truth for the front battery box. I lowered it into the front compartment and, Voila!, IT DOESN'T FIT! ARGHH! It looks like the battery rack is warped or there are some bulges sticking out on the box that prevent proper insertion. I'm going to look into this more this evening.


Joe said...

Isn’t that the first brace you noted that didn’t fit (offset by 16th of an inch) from EA?

De-lurking, but living vicariously thru you.

Bob said...

I enjoy your unpredictable voyage of discovery. It has inspired me to begin the process of converting a 914 to an EV.

Roger Daisley said...

Fun watching your 914 evolve. I'm doing an '86 VW Cabriolet, also using the Electro Automotive DC kit.

It looks like I'm about at the same point you are. I hope to get my rig on the road in about two weeks. So far (knock on wood) everything is fitting beautifully. The installation support I'm getting from EA is very good. Had a couple of minor issues which were quickly resolved.

Good luck with your project.
Roger Daisley
Pullman, WA

TimK said...

Hi All,

Thanks for the supportive comments. This is definitely a process of learning and rolling with the things that come up. Joe, you're right, the front rack had hole placement issues. Bob, good luck on your journey. Roger, the Cabriolet sounds great. I'll post a link to your site.