Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hoods Installed

Well, we're getting closer. My friend Rick and his friend Amy came over today to help install the front and rear lids. I was rather relieved when both lids closed without any interference. I installed the engine compartment cover this morning and realized that the rain gutter would have to be completely removed to not interfere with the rear battery box. With the rain gutter gone, perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to keep the two drain funnels and tubes in place...

I did a few more laps around the block this morning and played around with the parameters in the AC controller via the serial port. When I have the serial port plugged in, the controller fires up and things seem to work. If I power down and remove the serial port, nothing comes on. I'm trying to debug this further. Hopefully Azure Dynamics can get back to me by Monday to see if I've adjusted anything wrong.

I find that if I back off the maximum torque (EE?MaxAccelTorque), I can get get the car running without stalling, but I give up some power. I can also limit the stalls if I back off on the IsMax parameter from 400 amps to 380 amps. For some reason I find it very difficult to imagine that I'm pulling 400 amps from the batteries. The voltage doesn't seem to dip that low and I don't get much acceleration. I would think the car would have more pep pulling 400 amps.

With the serial port yanked, I had to push the car back into the garage for more analysis. This is all part of the learning process and I look forward to learning more...


pjorg said...


400 amps and 150 volts is 80 HP. Perhaps we can dig our our physics book and determine more or less how fast that should accelerate. Sounds like the current measurement is off. Looks like you need that shunt after all.


paulw said...

Hi Tim,

It's great to see how well your conversion project is coming along. You're almost done!

Your blogging of this project may inspire me to try blogging one of my future projects. Thanks.


TimK said...

Hi Paul J,

Thanks again for the calculation spreadsheets. It looks like I'm actually pulling 80 amps, which is only 16 HP (??!!), so this guy might need a bit more oomph.

Paul W. Have fun blogging your future project. This blog was really easy to create. Let me know if you need help getting started.