Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pictures from Randy

One of my fellow 914 AC kit EV'ers is Randy Pollock. He's been extremely helpful in my understanding of how this kit works. About three weeks ago, he sent me a few pictures on his own 914 AC EV project that uses the Electro Automotive kit. Here are his pictures and text (verbatim) from his e-mail: (Thanks Randy!)
Hi all,

Attached are some pictures from my rear trunk now that I have the
Avcon receptacle wired to the Manzanita Micro charger. The junction
box next to the receptacle has two green idicator lights. If only
one is light, then 110V is present - 220V lights both. I have both
the Avcon charging station with will put out 220V and an extra cable
that I've added a 110V plug to the other end. So far I've only
tested the 110V cable and it starts up the charger as expected.

There is also a close up of the cooling fan I added. The small
component to the [left] (not completely wired yet) is a 105F on/90 F
off thermostat switch. When the trunk starts getting hot from either
the charger or the AC motor controller, the fan will kick on. It is
a very powerful side exhaust fan that should be able to turn the air
in the rear trunk over ever 30 seconds. It kicked up some dust under
the car when I tried it out. Note that the thermostat is mounted on
nylon screws so that it is sensing the air temperature, not the sheet
metal temperature.

The last picture shows the four 2" holes I cut behind my PORSCHE
reflector on the back of the car. You can't see anything from
outside, but since the reflector stands almost 1/2" off the sheet
metal, you can get reasonable air flow.

I do need to cut the mouse hole for the Avcon cable. It will be cut
out of the trunk lid. I have a spoiler that provides enough material
to make it work.

Just thought you would like to see.

- Randy

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