Friday, July 27, 2007

Wow, This is Really Fast! NOT!

Just a quick update. I removed the jack-stands, cleaned out the garage and fired up the 914EV. It responds properly to the accelerator, but at full throttle, the car goes about six inches a second both forward and reverse. Looks like I've got more DMOC parameters to adjust. Fun, Fun.

Things still to do:
- Fix the right window
- Install the 12V transformer for the charger interlock and fans
- Add the battery box covers
- Put all hoods and lids back on the car
- Add the gauges and control switches to the dashboard



Ross Cunniff said...

Very cool (if a little slow :-)! Have you figured out whether the wiring/setup issues you have are to be expected from how the kit is set up, or is it something on how your controller was preconfigured?

TimK said...

I'm guessing this was how the kit was intended to be used. I think people might find it a bit frustrating that they have to fire up ccShell to enable the right variables. The AC kit doesn't come with the serial cord for the DMOC controller. People will have to order or rig up their own.